Belle and Jerome

Barcelona, Milan and Paris eat your heart out; because West Bridgford is where it’s at if you want a decent coffee, some quality wine and some delicious food! Belle and Jerome to be precise, because owners Rob and Tom are well aware of the popularity of the continental style café and tapas restaurant that our European neighbours have mastered so well, and you know what, these guys are giving any of the same style cafes from the big cities a run for their money!

By day they are a lively cafe serving satisfying and indulgent breakfasts and freshly cooked lunches alongside probably the best Fairtrade coffee in town. In the evening the venue transforms into a suave wine & tapas restaurant, to transport you to a little corner of the continent.

They might be aiming for a continental theme, but their produce comes a bit closer to home, as they make a conscious effort to use as many local suppliers as possible, with The Fruit Basket and Flower Scene being just two of many suppliers helping to deter us folk of West Bridgford away from our city breaks further afield, because when there’s good coffee and good food on our doorstep, why bother. Less time traveling means more time relaxing and that’s the kind of equation that doesn’t make our heads fuzzy on a Friday afternoon!

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