Hidden Gems

Totally Locally was created, and continues with passion, to celebrate the fantastic shops, businesses and people that we have in our local areas. These are the Hidden Gems in our towns that make the place that little bit different, that little bit more colourful, and that little bit better to live in. They are all there in every local area – it is just probably that we have forgotten them a little in our rushed lives and our obsession with the Supermarkets.

The team in Totally Locally West Bridgford are already collecting the Hidden Gems that make your town special. We’ll profile them on this website with some cracking photos. There’ll be some you know, and some that you’ll discover for the first time. It’s about being a tourist in your home town.

Tell us about your Hidden Gem in West Bridgford.




You could say that us folk at Totally Locally are partial to a bit of cake, but you’d be lying, as we prefer a LOT of cake. So needless to say Tiffin got our vote as soon as we visited. But it’s not just down to us, we leave this hidden gem discovering to the people. So luckily for us, it seems the people love Tiffin just as much as us. (more…)

Harrington’s Handmade Fudge

Hayley, the owner of Harrington’s Handmade Fudge loves Fudge!  When she was just 10 years old her friend came into school with some fudge her mum had made for her at home - Hayley thought it was the most amazing thing she had ever tasted, much nicer than the shop bought fudge.  She begged her friend’s mum to give her the recipe but her mum didn’t know how her mum had made it.


Time went by and Hayley’s love affair with fudge continued into adulthood, she decided to try and make it herself - it couldn’t be that difficult! Well it turned out to be quite tricky, it was too hard, it was too soft, but after lots of experiments and lots of wasted ingredients, she managed to get the balance right and produced what can only be described as the most delicious fudge you will ever taste!

She got busy devising recipes and now has a really wide range of delicious flavours; Heavenly Dairy, Chocolate Indulgence, Chocolate Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Scottish Tablet, Baileys Fudge, to name but a few!


She buys really good quality ingredients most of which are sourced locally in independent shops in West Bridgford, and takes a lot of pride in making the tastiest fudge she can. Every batch of fudge is taste tested for it’s quality – and of course there’s never a lack of volunteers for that job!


Tel – 07908 805003
Email – harringtonsfudge@hotmail.co.uk



Ben Nichols was bored one day in the school holidays and decided to create two flavours of fruit smoothies (Strawberries & Banana and Pineapple & Mango).  He then had a thought that this could be a great business so he designed some labels and created the brand “SoSmoothies”. (This was not a typical day off school as they say!).

He then started to grow the business by asking shops if they would take some for sale or return.  This proved a sound strategy as sales figures are now growing rapidly.  He is really enjoying SoSmoothies and is hoping one day that they will end up on supermarket shelves.  So if you see a SoSmoothies in a shop or at a market, then for smoothies sake pick it up!

To find out the latest news and what not, check out the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/So-Smoothies/264734666886204?ref=ts&sk=wall

If you have any question or want to stock SoSmoothies please email Ben at sosmoothies@mail.com or phone him on 07528 963569, he would love to hear from you.

Rob Hann Writer

Local writer and illustrator!


Discover a whole new world beneath your feet….if you dare.


Belle and Jerome

Barcelona, Milan and Paris eat your heart out; because West Bridgford is where it’s at if you want a decent coffee, some quality wine and some delicious food! Belle and Jerome to be precise, because owners Rob and Tom are well aware of the popularity of the continental style café and tapas restaurant that our European neighbours have mastered so well, and you know what, these guys are giving any of the same style cafes from the big cities a run for their money! (more…)

Signature Steak House & Designer Boutique

“Do You fancy a Dress With That Steak Madame?” Not a phrase often overheard, except possibly at Signature.

That’s Signature Steakhouse & Designer Boutique ‘Where Food And Fashion Meet’

In what seems probably the most obvious pairing of businesses – (food and clothes, both open til late! -  why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?), Signature seems to have hit on that special formula that all small businesses go looking for! (more…)

Seymour Road Studios

POT!   PRINT!   PAINT!   DRAW!  ( … and sleep tight too!)

We know what you’ve been thinking – “if only there was a B&B that’s also an art Studio”! No? oh well, you know though that this is a great idea!

Seymour Road Studios is just that – a bed and breakfast and art studios in the  Lady Bay area of West Bridgford.  Artistic heaven!


Karina Wells

Image of Karina Wells...just a housewife

We meet a lot of people working with Totally Locally and sometimes we come across people that are simply shining diamonds in their areas…and Karina is one of these people, sharp as a tack, filled with enthusiasm, and someone that wants things to be better.


Zest Beauty

Claire Smith and her husband Anthony are doing a rather good job of keeping us West Bridgford folk looking our best, with her Zest Beauty Salon she’s got enough room for the whole town, as her treatments room have recently doubled from 2 to 4. This is clearly a business that is on the up.


Fuzz Guitars

Du -du – du, dududu duh……. (oops sorry about that!).

For former headteacher Colin Hyland, music+education=good business for Guitar Base. The Abbey Road-based shop has teamed up with MLC Academy, who will be giving tuition in electric, bass and acoustic guitar, drums, vocals, piano and keyboard in the lovely refurbished on-site music rooms. (more…)

indian nights

Every town needs a good takeaway, infact, it could be argued that a town without somewhere to get a decent curry is not a town worth visiting (well, of course we at Totally Locally would never suggest such a thing, every town is worth a visit, it just helps you see). Well, West Bridgford are of course in safe hands with indian nights, they’ve been going 10 years strong and as Gary Barlow once wisely noted, ‘things can only get better’ even just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, there’s talk of expanding the business with a sit down restaurant!


Helen Woodford Illustration

For West Bridgford based artist Helen Woodford, art is all about life’s little details. “My  work ranges from detailed observational drawings to architectural  studies, bespoke wedding stationary and gifts and art work for children.  I use photographs and sketches as a starting point, and historical  research if applicable. I have a degree in Art History so I’m always  interested in the background to my subjects.” (more…)


A passion for food, energy and enthusiasm, and knowing exactly what their customers want are the secret ingredients of Mark Thompson and partner Andrea Scott’s success. The couple took over Taste, on Clumber Street just off Melton Road, two-and-a-half years ago, and it’s 30 per cent increase in turnover over the past year shows how local independent businesses can still thrive in tough economic times. “Andrea and I used to go to drink in lots of coffee shops and we thought it would be a good idea to run our own. We got a bank loan and looked to buy somewhere. Andrea did all the research, found Taste, and we’ve been here ever since.” (more…)

C. Brumpton – Butchers

“Most people come because we’re local. In fact virtually everything in this shop is sourced from within a five-mile radius. That means that there are almost no food miles in the produce we sell. But the main reason they keep coming back is the taste! We know the background to everything we sell – and that makes for better meat, better food and far better taste!” (more…)

Paolo’s Seafood

Back in 1917 a fishmonger opened its doors on Melton Road and today, almost a hundred years later, the fifth and current proprietor, Paolo, continues the tradition of providing the finest fish possible. Paolo brings new and wider skills to today’s customers. His experience helping his father source fish for leading Italian restaurants in London; then his time as a chef, and finally his experience building up one of Britain’s best specialist fish wholesalers, means that he is able to offer customers much more than a simple kipper or fish finger. (more…)