Totally Locally Pop up shop opens Thursday 21st November at 12 noon

We are pleased to announce the opening of our very own Totally Locally West Bridgford Pop up shop on Central Avenue.

After the kind gesture of FHP to let us have the David Holmes premises we hope that on Thursday 21st November at 12 noon the Mayor of Rushcliffe will open the shop officially revealing all the hard work by Suzanne Reeveley, Mike Finn and their friends to turn a large shoe shop into a mini Totally Locally department store with a difference.

At 12.30 Magician David Fox will demonstrate the magic tenner. Do you know what happens to the local economy  if you spend £10 in a local independent business?  it has a multiplying effect  but by how much….. come and see for yourselves.

You will be welcomed by Cheryl of Slades on Melton Road who will present some  lovely fruity surprises

Later on from 3pm Claire Elizabeth and Tiffin will have some taster Totally Locally cake and Tim from 200 degree coffee will be selling his locally roasted coffee. If you are nice to him, you may even be able to taste it before you buy!

Elise Jones an up and coming photographer has kindly offered to put this momentus occasion on film, so we can enjoy the memories for many years to come.

In the shop you will find people you may know from every day life in West Bridgford, dropping off at school, along the side lines on the sports fields, in the post office, the butcher, the parks and in the other local shops  as  they live and work here. The nice thing is, they will still be here once the pop up shop closes on Christmas eve, so make sure you pop in and find out where they are normally hidden.

In the  pop up spa you will find

Maluwa therapies, Hands on Health (nail bar, hand and foot massages, reflexology, facials etc), Forever Living Aloe Vera products

Interior design and furniture by

Heidi’s home furnishings (Annie Sloane paint) ,

Living HQ (Farrow & Ball),

Upcycled furniture by Rosalia Rutter,

Alan Cross furniture/cabinet makers,

Clothing by

Stitched by Oonagh,

Gifts by

Rainbows and Lemondrops

Baytree gifts,

Mini folk market,

Glass by Zena West and Catherine Catherine Mears,


cards by Jane Rose, Mary Wong,  Les Prince

Jewellery by Leonie Woodfield, Mary Wong

Books by local author Rob Hahn

Locally Produced food (not to consume on the premises)

Magpie Brewery beer,

Chilli Fundamentals (anything chilli,

Coffee beans by 200 degree coffee,

Wedding Cakes by Caroline Hulland,

Cakes by Claire Elizabeth,

Iquazu  fair trade,

Services like:

Good old fashioned Care company,

Land scaping by Stone Landscapes,

web design by Volute

They have their workshops,  little businesses  very often tucked away in little streets, spare rooms, outhouses, attics or basements, and now it is their time to shine. We are aware that not every one in this situation is able to join the pop up shop as time and space is short, so to also support them we have asked in our Terms and Conditions of being in the shop, that in the Totally Locally spirit they will try and spend the profits made in the Pop up shop, back into other local independents across West Bridgford wherever possible, rather than online or in the supermarkets. That way all local independents benefit which is good for all of us. It means variety, choice and employment, making West Bridgford a  happy, healthy and more prosperous town to live,  work and play.  Merry Christmas to you all!

Totally Locally West Bridgford Pop up Shop is now open!

Thanks to Suzanne Reeveley, Mike Finn, Mel Wilson, Carol Frankland and scores of volunteers and we have now had 4 days of amazing trading in our new Pop up shop, where more than 40 local makers, bakers and service providers have set up for nearly a month in the David Holmes (old shoe shop) on Central Avenue . The reception has been so positive and excitement could be felt and heard wherever you went.

We are asking all Pup’s (Pop up Partners) to spend the profit they make during that month, back into the local economy, rather than supermarkets, chains and online so that the other local independent businesses  too can benefit from this windfall. The kind gesture of FHP living should therefore be felt all over West Bridgford and is not just happening on Central Avenue.

The shop was opened by the Mayor on Thursday 21st November,  it introduces you to loads of beautiful gifts, amazing services and for those who want to spoil themselves a pop up spa.

Although we are now full, over the next few weeks, I expect places to become available (when stock runs out  and to keep the offer fresh and interesting) if you are a West bridgfordian, who has an independent business and wish to have space, just email

We don’t take commission, what you make  is what you take. Please be aware though  that we ask everyone to put the profits back in the local independent businesses around the town.  Hope to see you in the shop.





We are going Totally Locally – are you?

We have launched the Totally Locally Independent business directory. If you are a local independent business and want others to use you, make sure that you are registered. Registering is free and is straight forward.

Just as you would like others to give you a chance, why not go through the directory and see if there is anyone else that you could give a chance to shine.  To make it easier follow this link

Happy Totally Locally networking!

A New Totally Locally Hero


Today at 7pm sharp, Julie Salisbury was handed the Totally-Locally hero badge for giving all the right answers to the totally locally questions: She had them all right!

She shops locally, loves her local independents and tells her world about them (she even had some of her friends like the Totally locally West Bridgford page. Julie was also given Aloe Vera products from Anna Girstun and the Totally locally Fiver Fest Hamper.

She will be on her tour around WB with vouchers in hand to meet the generous shop owners who donated their prizes. Well done Julie, keep up the good work!

West Bridgford Networking Events


Are you a West Bridgford maker, baker or service provider?

Totally Locally West Bridgford is about us working together to help each other.
Using each others services promoting and encouraging each other to stay positive and be successful.


“Word of Mouth Works”  


This is why Suzanne Reevely of Honet Inks is organising a series of networking events. There will be three events per month, at different times of the day so that as many people as possible can make it. Everyone is welcome to attend as many events as they wish. There is no charge to attend.

These are relaxed informal friendly events where we all meet to get to know each other, find out how we can help each other and chat over a drink and maybe a snack.

If we all try to spend £5 a week locally and tell a friend, relative or stranger about how great a local place or service is each week, then this will spread the totally locally message and the more people who understand it the better.


Dates for your diary in June are as follows:
All at Taste off Melton Road. (we will include various locations throughout the year at other participating venues)

Tuesday 11th June 9.30am MORNING MEETING
Thursday 20th June 6.30pm EVENING MEETING
Friday 28th June 1.30pm AFTERNOON MEETING

Could you please let Suzanne know if you would like to attend any of the meetings so we can get a rough idea of numbers.


The Magic Tenner Campaign


(or how to turn £10 into £50!)


That got your interest didn’t it?





The Magic Tenner campaign is all about how money flows around the local economy and highlighting just how much impact local businesses and shop have in the community.


This part of the campaign is really important as it starts to link up supply chains between businesses that people hadn’t really thought of. The key to this is the poster that can go in the window or notice board of any hairdressers, accountants, shop or restaurant. This part of the campaign is when making your town that little bit better focuses on more than just shops. (more…)

Totally Locally Vacancies


Building Your Future


Two fantastic opportunities to boost your CV, make lots of contacts and develop new skills that will make a big difference to you and your local community. Full support available to help you grow into the role as:



Melton Road Market Co-ordinator

Around 10 hours per month

An enthusiastic person who likes ‘chatting’ and networking, to co-ordinate the monthly Melton Road Markets; on the market day (first Saturday of each month) 9am-2pm (5 hours) and an hour or so each week liaising with shops, market stallholders and entertainers. Organise publicity in local magazines, Facebook, Twitter and local newspapers. This is a great chance to learn new skills and apply them



Totally Locally Melton Road Representative

Around 3 hours per month

Ideal for someone who would like to develop their communication skills, find out the news that’s worth knowing, then blogging about it. Go to the monthly Totally Locally West Bridgford rep meeting (1.5 hours) to note what is happening and identify how best to use ideas and share successes.Inform the shops about new ideas and get them involved in any special initiatives (Fiver Fest, Magic Tenner etc)

Both of these posts are voluntary, but are ideal ways to learn or sharpen skills and increase your desirability as a capable team member with a sound working knowledge of day-today marketing techniques, ideal for the modern world.


Closing date for applications 16th June 2013


Form more information contact

0115 9147408

The West Bridgford Summer Gathering 2013

On Saturday 18th May from 10-4pm the annual West Bridgford Summer Gathering took place in Bridgford Park.

Despite a week of rain and a poor forecast for the day, many heroic stall holders turned out as did loads of visitors, all dressed in their winter warmers!

Local sustainability and community initiatives were well-represented, as were West Bridgford’s independent businesses.

West Bridgford’s schoolchildren danced around the Maypole and pedalled special bikes to create electricity to power the sound system, and there was even a chance for adults to get some exercise with West Bridgford’s Nordic Walking group.


Nordic Walking in West Bridgford


For more information about this year’s event, and to register for information about next year, go to the Summer Gathering blog.

Melton Road Market

Visiting shopping streets up and down the country makes me appreciate how fortunate we are to have such a wide variety of quality independent businesses on our door step. Even some of the produce comes from only a few streets away. Taste on Clumber Road has a daily fresh supply of home made cakes and cup cakes, locally grown lettuces and home made chutneys and relishes whereas Steve Brompton, the butcher rears his meat on his in farm Cotgrave. Cheeses, cordials and honey sourced locally can be found in the Tall Frog andCanterbury’s and for local ales  visit Bipin of the Clumber Road Off licence.

There is a great atmosphere amongst the traders, you can regularly see them nip into each other’s shops to support one another. Ash from Signature buys his fish from Paolo’s, his meat from Brumpton and his vegetables from Slades,  and the staff from Rex Gooding the estate agents can regularly be spotted enjoying their lunch in one of the eateries.

To celebrate and promote business on the Melton Road, every 1st Saturday of the month they will try and do something special; with offers, tastings, demonstrations or by inviting local musicians and artists.

Fiver Fest Starts Today!

Check out the good stuff going on in West Bridgford! Loads of local shops and businesses have got some great fiver fest offers starting today and lasting for 2 weeks! Grab some bargains and support your local businesses! Everyone’s a winner!




What a lovely idea the mini Tiffin at Leo’s day nursery, with bunting, cups and saucers and even an oven, Tiffin invited the children to a cake decorating session. Cup cakes were decorated with an assortment of sweets, chocolate drops and icing. The children were absorbed in their master pieces and went back to nursery very happy with their mornings work!

Tiffin’s facebook is here>>

Inspiring, keep up the good work

Totally Locally Karina

Totally Locally Launch – Sunny and Successful!

The Write up

What a fantastic day the launch in West Bridgford at the Melton Road Shops Market was. The sun was shining and the good people of West Bridgford came out in their hundreds to support their local town, shops, businesses and people. Warming on the soul in all respects.

It was great to have music in and around the event all day from the Bevox choir kicking us off at 10am, with blues, jazz, barber shop, traditional folk, musical debuts right through to the Violinists of Jesse Gray School. This made the whole event go with a swing.

For us it was great to talk with so many of the people that braved the scorching sunshine about Totally Locally, what it was about, what or £5 message was all about, how the campaign would continue throughout the year, how people could get involved, etc…we were able to give away about 200 Totally Locally West Bridgford bags so we hope to see those as a regular occurrence in the independent shops around West Bridgford in the coming weeks.

All of the shops and the stall holders we spoke to said it was the busiest that the Melton Road Shops Market had ever been which was great and I am sure that it will have a continuing effect on the local areas as there were a fair few people that we spoke to that didn’t know that some of the Hidden Gems we had on the website were there…and they did promise to try them. Whether it was butcher, fishmongers, brewers or organic dog biscuit makers…I think that pretty much everyone there found out something new about their local area on the day.

The Totally Locally team managed to come away with Sausage Rolls, Pork Pie, Chilli Jam, Red Onion Marmalade, as well as homemade cakes washed down with the odd coffee and cold drinks from the local cafes…not to mention a well timed, life saving apple juice from the Abundance team when the day was at its hottest.

But it was not all about us taking away some fantastic local produce…we spoke to a lot of people about their favourite shops and businesses in West Bridgford (and not just on Melton Road) so we are armed with a small sackful of nice comments about hidden gems that you love. I think that the most touching of all of these were for Burton’s Fruit & Veg…pretty much most of the people that loved the shop mentioned Tony by name and just how friendly, and the excellent customer service he gave. They also mentioned how much they will miss both him and the shop when he decides to call it a day…and how it will be a great loss to the area.

There were plenty of nice things that were said to us or that we overheard on the day…the fact that school children new just as much about our £5 message as much as the adult, the fact that shops were having their business Saturday ever…that they ran out of apples, and that we ran out of bags.

Whilst this may not seem like a big deal to some – it just confirms what were already knew about West Bridgford…and that is there are some great independent shops that people think are special, and that there is room for everyone to explore and find out even more hidden gems…we know that people genuinely want to spend their £5 in their local shops and there is a certainly a passion for people to change that little bit and keep a choice on their high street with independent standing next to and hand in hand with the chain store.

Right, that sounded a bit heavy that last paragraph…where’s my pie.


The TV Coverage

AND…here’s a nice little video fresh from BBC East Midlands Today to whet your appetite.

The Video



WOW! A Great Big Delivery!

Totally Locally Karina put out a call through the Skills Exchange in West Bridgford for any volunteers to help deliver leaflets for the TL launch. A huge response straight away, and all these lovely people turned up to drop flyers, bags, posters around the town and area. How wonderful is this?!

They were all given a bottle of Totally Locally Apple juice made from the apples from the Abundance scheme, to help them on their way. A HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to help – it really does make a difference, and the whole buzz about the launch has had a massive boost just because of you!!


Loads of Media Totally Locally West Bridgford

The launch for Totally Locally West Bridgford has had a LOAD of coverage in The Nottingham Post, BBC Radio Nottingham & on TV on BBC Midlands Today. (more…)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

A right nice write up in the Nottingham Post from Monday. Getting excited about the launch on October 1st now, always good to see people getting involved!