Harrington’s Handmade Fudge

Hayley, the owner of Harrington’s Handmade Fudge loves Fudge!  When she was just 10 years old her friend came into school with some fudge her mum had made for her at home - Hayley thought it was the most amazing thing she had ever tasted, much nicer than the shop bought fudge.  She begged her friend’s mum to give her the recipe but her mum didn’t know how her mum had made it.


Time went by and Hayley’s love affair with fudge continued into adulthood, she decided to try and make it herself - it couldn’t be that difficult! Well it turned out to be quite tricky, it was too hard, it was too soft, but after lots of experiments and lots of wasted ingredients, she managed to get the balance right and produced what can only be described as the most delicious fudge you will ever taste!

She got busy devising recipes and now has a really wide range of delicious flavours; Heavenly Dairy, Chocolate Indulgence, Chocolate Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Scottish Tablet, Baileys Fudge, to name but a few!


She buys really good quality ingredients most of which are sourced locally in independent shops in West Bridgford, and takes a lot of pride in making the tastiest fudge she can. Every batch of fudge is taste tested for it’s quality – and of course there’s never a lack of volunteers for that job!


Tel – 07908 805003
Email – harringtonsfudge@hotmail.co.uk

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