Karina Wells

Image of Karina Wells...just a housewife

We meet a lot of people working with Totally Locally and sometimes we come across people that are simply shining diamonds in their areas…and Karina is one of these people, sharp as a tack, filled with enthusiasm, and someone that wants things to be better.

If you would talk to her she describes herself as “just a housewife” which should probably be the title of her biography as there are plenty of stories and things that she has done, and most of these selflessly for her community or based around her passions.

Karina is the reason that Totally Locally launched in West Bridgford but even before we worked with her, she had already organised are started the Melton Road Shops markets and was promoting the shops that she uses day in and day out.

She also setup the Skills Exchange...which has over 100 members in the local area swapping their skills with each other instead of money.

Add to this Abundance in West Bridgford which is about harvesting surplus fruits grown in the area and redistributing them to local charities, communities cafes and the like.

Thrown in a passion for Biodynamic Gardening as her love for all things Gardening whether it is teaching or just escaping when she is not doing things for others and you have some one that we think is pretty amazing.

So Karina may be just a housewife…but she is also one of our Total Local Heroes.

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