Paolo’s Seafood

Back in 1917 a fishmonger opened its doors on Melton Road and today, almost a hundred years later, the fifth and current proprietor, Paolo, continues the tradition of providing the finest fish possible. Paolo brings new and wider skills to today’s customers. His experience helping his father source fish for leading Italian restaurants in London; then his time as a chef, and finally his experience building up one of Britain’s best specialist fish wholesalers, means that he is able to offer customers much more than a simple kipper or fish finger.

Customers are able to get advice on how to cook or prepare fish, as well as hints on accompaniments and what is the best seasonal fare. No wonder the shop is always filled with happy customers and that is probably the best recommendation of all, the fact that people keep coming back for more!

The range of fish is what catches the imagination. That accompanied with easy to follow suggestions as to how best to cook it, means that customers can really enjoy deliciously fresh fish dishes that make meals so much more exciting and entertaining!

Paolo’s skill and expertise have also made him the leading independent supplier to many fine restaurants in the area. Despite the fact that we are as far from the sea as you can get in England, you  can still access the very best seafood from around these shores and beyond.

97 Melton Road – Paolo’s Seafoods,

Tel 0115 981 2441

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  1. Maria says:

    As a vegetarian I don’t normally go into Paolo’s shop, but only a few weeks ago when my husband and son went in to spoil themselves and had some amazing home smoked fish, they came back with my favourite seaweed. The stuff my mum used to make. Paolo even gave a recipe. Fantastic as my mum is no longer alife and I would not have known how to cook this delicious delicacy. So now, even I go into the shop and enjoy the veggie seafood.

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