Ben Nichols was bored one day in the school holidays and decided to create two flavours of fruit smoothies (Strawberries & Banana and Pineapple & Mango).  He then had a thought that this could be a great business so he designed some labels and created the brand “SoSmoothies”. (This was not a typical day off school as they say!).

He then started to grow the business by asking shops if they would take some for sale or return.  This proved a sound strategy as sales figures are now growing rapidly.  He is really enjoying SoSmoothies and is hoping one day that they will end up on supermarket shelves.  So if you see a SoSmoothies in a shop or at a market, then for smoothies sake pick it up!

To find out the latest news and what not, check out the Facebook page:

If you have any question or want to stock SoSmoothies please email Ben at or phone him on 07528 963569, he would love to hear from you.

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  1. Danielle says:

    Nice to see young people being so creative, will be looking out for these in supermarkets, sure they will get there! Good luck and all the best with your new business venture. x

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