You could say that us folk at Totally Locally are partial to a bit of cake, but you’d be lying, as we prefer a LOT of cake. So needless to say Tiffin got our vote as soon as we visited. But it’s not just down to us, we leave this hidden gem discovering to the people. So luckily for us, it seems the people love Tiffin just as much as us.

The most lovely little café we may have seen, with a proper English tea feel, all teapots and tea cups and cake stands and frills, it would be hard not to enjoy sipping a nice cuppa with a slab of cake in here. And the smiley service certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Owners Jo and Diane has got this café malarkey down to a tea (geddit, tea?!), and with all this she even manages to cram in a bit of fundraising for local charities and putting on a fun morning at Leo’s Day Nursery where the children got a chance to decorate their own cupcakes. Altogether now: ‘aww’.

The cakes are out of this world, delicious AND beautiful, and they even do celebration cakes to order and vintage tea hire! Wahey! If you haven’t already, give this place a go- you can thank us later (we do accept thank you cake.


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